General Info

  • Team: 1 Designer, 3 Graphical artists, 1 Programmer, 1 Musician/Sound technician

  • Engine: Tengine

  • Platform: PC

  • Genre: Party Arena Brawler

  • Duration: 5 Weeks

Project Information

During 2017 I've worked on my first game project at Playgroundsquad. Because of the developing period for the game project only lasted for 5 weeks it was therefore important to make a small game concept.

During this project, I came up with the concept of the game and defined it fully.

I worked as the only Designer and the project manager for the project. I've learned to do planning for a project and also making the decision for what kind of content that we would be able to add to the game or not. I also worked a lot with the groups dynamic and had individual talks with everyone. What I learned the most from this project was to talk and learn to do confrontations with the people in the group and by doing that make everyone on the same page. This was also the first time we worked with Playgroundsquad's in-house engine, Tengine. Unlike the earlier project, I now had to do the level design in Autodesk Maya, instead of doing it in the game engine we used earlier. 



Game Information

Bugsplat is a game where play as one of the four different bugs in the game, in the game you can shoot a splat projectile in the similar color to the bug that you're playing as. When these projectiles hit the ground there will be a mark created by the splat. You will always be able to walk on your own splat but not on your opponents, if you then walk on your opponents' splat you will lose a health point. Last bug standing wins the game.

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