General Info

  • Team: 2 Designers, 5 Graphical artists, 3 Programmers, 2 Musicans, 2 Sound technicans

  • Engine: Unreal Engine 4

  • Platform: PC

  • Genre: Atmospheric Puzzle Game

  • Duration: 10 Weeks

Project Information

During 2015 we worked on our second game project at the University of Skövde.

Cria was the first 3D game that I've ever worked on and during the project I worked with level design, but furthermost designing puzzles. Since we were very limited on what mechanics we could use in our game. It became a challenge to create mechanics that wouldn't use much work from the animators.

During that project I worked a lot on designing levels, puzzle design and QA - playtesting as well.

During this project I learned how communication is the key and that it's important that the whole team have a vision of what the game is. Similar with Jetglide we also used Scrum and Trello. In the game engine I decided and set up how the player should be introduced to the different elements in the levels. During these weeks i also worked with Unreal Engine 4's Bueprints Visual Scripting for setting up the different puzzles in the game.

Game Information

Cria is an atmospheric puzzle game where you explore a mystical island in search of the life essence. The game is based around solving different kinds of puzzles to progress through the game, all set in a desolate world. The game was developed as a vertical slice and therefore showcased how the player started from a hub world and venturing to an island to find this spiritual essence.

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