General Info

  • Team: 3 Designers, 4 Graphical artists, 3 Programmers, 2 Musicans, 2 Sound technicans

  • Engine: Unity 2D

  • Platform: PC

  • Genre: Fast pacing 2D platformer

  • Duration: 10 Weeks

Project Information

During 2014 we worked on our first game project at the University of Skövde. Jetglide was the first game project that I ever worked and early in the project I was assigned Lead designer. During that project I worked a lot on designing enemies and player centred mechanics, but also create level design and QA - playtested the game as well.


During this project I learned to use agile scrum in combination with Trello and how to work in a game project using an iterative process. I gained great insight in regards to how easily it is to overscope a project, and that you in those cases need to kill your darlings.

Game Information

Jetglide is a fast paced 2D platformer where you utilize your velocity in combination with the dash and wall jump mechanic. The directions that we got from the school was to create a game that didn't use violence to solve a problem. Therefore we decided to create a game where you used your speed and jump to overcome obstacles. The Objective of the game is to get through the end of the level and trying to avoid the different obtsacles and enemies that exists in the game. 

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