Gill & Gull's Skyhigh Adventure

General Info

  • Team: 2 Designers, 4 Graphical artists, 3 Programmers, 2 Musicians/Sound technicians

  • Engine: Tengine

  • Platform: PC

  • Genre: Party Platformer

  • Duration: 9 Weeks

Project Information

In 2018 I worked on the second game project at Playgroundsquad. With this game, we started to do a lot of pre-production and during the project, we had 2 philosophies:  Making consciousness decision and by doing so get a better understanding how it will affect the experience for the player. The other philosophy when creating the game was trying to make decisions that would be high values for the game with the minimal costs. With this philosophy, we tried to define the core concept of the game and early decide which assets that we created for the game, that could be reusable in any good way.  

I worked with defining the concept in the GDD and by also defining the MDA - Framework for the game. In the project, I was in charge of the level design and pacing for the gameplay. During this project, I followed 2 different methods when it comes to level design that I worked with. The Rule of Seven and the method that Nintendo uses that is called "kishōtenketsu". With a mix of these methods, I managed to learn and do a lot of reflection about how you give the players a good experience when it comes to pacing and enough challenge.

This project we also used Playgroundsquad's in-house engine, Tengine. By using a well-developed level design pipeline that our programmers had created we could then in a quick way to do the level design in Autodesk Maya.



Game Information

The game Gill & Gull’s Skyhigh Adventure is a co-op platformer for 2 players where you have a rubber band tied between your characters. The game utilizes a “rubber band” mechanic between the characters. In the game, you will be able to grab onto nets and ladders and by doing so you will able to stretch the rubber band that you can use to shoot yourself away similar like a slingshot. The game is a 2.5D platformer where you play through different challenging levels and collecting valuable coins for your treasure. Gill & Gull's Skyhigh Adventure is something of an experimental platformer in the sense that you can finish different obstacles in multiple ways by utilizing the rubber band in different creative ways.

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