Gill & Gull's Skyhigh Adventure v.2 (SGA)

General Info

  • Team: 1 Designer, 3 Graphical artists

  • Engine: Tengine

  • Platform: PC

  • Genre: Party Experimental Platformer

  • Duration: 8 Weeks

Project Information

After the school project, we were some people in the group that decided that we wanted to continue with the game and send it into the game competition SGA (Swedish Game Awards). The goal we had was that we wanted to create new content to the game that would give a more “polished” experience to the player. By doing so we wanted to add more levels to the game but also make some improvement to some old ones. Working with this project meant that we got the opportunity to improve our skills even further when it comes to our specialization. But with a smaller team, we also had to go out of our comfort zones and learn to take more responsibility. As a result of this, that experience made me improve new areas of expertise when it comes to game development. Since we also didn’t have access to work in the school’s premises after the half of the project, it really proved and tested my self-discipline.


Game Information

Gill & Gull’s Skyhigh Adventure is an experimental co-op platformer where we focused on giving the players an experience of a daring, challenging and a rewarding adventure. An early design philosophy was to name it an experimental game, because of the quirky and physics-based gameplay. Unlike other platform games Gill & Gull’s Skyhigh Adventure motivates the player to solve and experiment with the rubber band in new and creative ways.

These are some aspects that I’ve had in mind when designing the levels and that the design could open up for several solutions. With this in mind, my work is to make sure that the players have a feeling of experimental freedom, but also make sure that the players experience the right pacing and are immersed.

Lead Level Design & Philosophy for Gull & Gull’s Skyhigh Adventure


Since we had worked with the game project for a long time the group decided to take in 2 “interns” that would create levels for our games. The idea was to see if they could come up with any creative ideas that we could come to use in the game. By letting other these interns join our production for the first weeks it gave us the opportunity to see what kind of levels that were fun to play. But it gave us also a bigger “pool” of levels that I could analyze and go through, depending on what kind of feelings and experience I wanted to give the players. As lead level designers I could green light the levels that I seemed fitting, and also overlook the production and guide the interns so that their levels would be coherent with the core of the game. During the production, I also made a lecture where I talked with them about the game and showed them our level design philosophy so that we could all be on the same page. I also made sure to write a guide for how the level editor worked but also, helped tutor them when they started using the editor and when they needed any kind of support.

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