Space Shooter

General Info

  • Team: 1

  • Software: Pygame, Sublime Text

  • Platform: PC

  • Genre: Classic Shoot em up

  • Duration: 1,5 Weeks

Project Information

In 2018 we had at the end of the scripting course an assignment where we should create a small game in python by using the cross-platform library Pygame. By having a limited time it was important to not make to big of a scope, but also not making something too simple. In the end, I feel satisfied with the results. In this project, I learned to work with Python since that wasn't a programming language I wasn't familiar with before. The project also gave me a good insight and understanding in object-oriented programming, since I had some experience in writing procedural programming I, therefore, knew what I needed to focus on and improve. 

Game Information

Space Shooter is a game where you control a spaceship and where you can move horizontal and shoot. The object of the game is to destroy as many enemy spaceships as possible and earn score before you run out of health. You will lose health by colliding with the enemies bullet, in the game you have 3 health. The enemy will appear randomly from the side and move closer down to the player.

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